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Multi-omics research involves integrating data from multiple omics fields, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and, metabolomics to gain a better understanding of complex biological systems.

Among the omics approaches, proteomics plays a central role in monitoring protein expression, interactions and modifications. However, the manual handling of samples can be a bottleneck, time-consuming and a significant source of variability.

That’s where automation comes in. By implementing an automated liquid handler in your lab, you can generate high-quality and reproducible data. This will empower you to unlock the potential of AI and machine learning to revolutionize the study of proteomes in disease and therapeutic responses.

Automated liquid handling systems provide a solution offering:

Seamless workflows for protein purification and bioprocessing, sample preparation for mass spectrometry, protein detection and immune-assays

Accurate and precise transfer of small volumes of liquids

The ability to perform complex experiments with consistency and reliability

Increased productivity and accuracy

The freedom to walk away from an experiment and take care of other tasks

“Our scientific work covers a wide range of applications, including the detection of vitamins, the determination of drugs and drug residues, the investigation of biomarkers, and innovative methods of material research and development. The Biomek i7 gives us the highest possible flexibility for automating the respective workflows and integrating our own, customer-specific automation devices and systems to realize a variety of sub-processes beyond classic liquid transfers. This makes high-throughput processes possible even for applications for which automation was previously hardly possible.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kerstin Thurow
Executive Director of Center for Life Science Automation,
University of Rostock, Germany

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Acoustic and tip-based technologies for low- to high-volume transfers

  • Eliminate process variability
  • Remove potential for human error
  • Achieve traceable, repeatable and scalable protein sample preparation
  • Enable consistent sample preparation across triplicate wells with a CV of less than 2% and a standard curve linearity (R2) of over 99% during serial dilution in proteomic workflow analytical assays
  • Achieve maximum throughput without the need for additional headcount
  • Experience a hassle-free installation process with support to run your preferred protocols
  • Get quick and consistent results with standardized workflows
  • Unleash the full potential of our automated liquid handling solutions with their large deck capacity, use of on-deck devices, and the selective tip feature of the multichannel head offering flexibility for both low- and high-throughput applications
Scalable and Modular
  • Seamlessly enhance your workflow with direct integrations of plate readers, incubators, positive pressure ALP, BioShake and ColdPlate
  • Effortlessly transfer reagents for LC-MS prep with our Liquid Span-8 pipette and fixed tips


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Together, we bring you an unrivaled range of expertise and resources, fueling groundbreaking advancements in proteomics research.

Experience cutting-edge technology, streamlined workflows, and innovative software solutions that will transform your scientific journey.

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Unlock the Power of Metabolomics

Transforming Complexity into Clarity

Metabolomics is the science of measuring and analyzing the low-molecular-weight metabolites within biological specimens. Just like genomics and proteomics, metabolomics workflows come with their fair share of challenges.

  • Increasing throughput without compromising repeatability
  • Enabling the extraction of polar metabolites and lipids
  • Maintaining sample integrity through strict processing requirements
  • Ensuring appropriate use of quality control samples

Discover how our automated liquid handling solutions can overcome these challenges and more! Download these app notes and case studies to learn more:

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“Having conducted research in metabolomics for almost 20 years, I’ve experienced firsthand the labor intensive nature of metabolite extractions as well as the importance of repeatable extractions to achieve high data quality. Establishing our extraction protocols on the Biomek i7 has opened a new horizon for high-throughput metabolomics, enabling the preparation of thousands of cell extracts for mass spectrometric analysis within just a few days”

Mark R. Viant, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Phenome Centre Birmingham
Team Leader of Metabolomics & Systems Toxicology Laboratory
University of Birmingham, UK


Proven solutions to maximize your proteomics workflow efficiency

Discover how researchers are incorporating our solutions into their proteomics workflows, as cited in leading journals like SLAS Technology, Journal of Biological Engineering, ACS Synthetic Biology and more. Access peer-reviewed publications for valuable insights and information.

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Our Solutions

Biomek Automated Workstations

Automated tip-based liquid handling

  • Ideal for medium- to high-throughput workflows
  • Microliter-to-milliliter transfers with high precision and speed
  • Complete walkaway solution that is flexible and versatile allowing a variety of sample sizes, reagent volumes, labware, device integrations and supplemental steps to transform your workflows
  • Biomek i-Series workstations can run the ELISA assay including the wash steps on a deck with a CV <5%
  • Automating quantitative methods, such as the Bradford assay, on the Biomek i-Series instruments provides consistent quality results as the scale increases for total protein quantification; the results yielded were an R-squared of 0.991 with CV < 2%
  • Automated sample preparation on a Biomek i7 reliably streamlines proteomic analysis for diverse samples, overcoming biomarker discovery hurdles
  • Automated Biomek Workstations when combined with Valita Titer assay and Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate reader provides a high-throughput, fully automated and reproducible solution for accurate IgG quantification throughout drug development and manufacturing; this workflow demonstrates the quantification of up to 456 samples (5 x 96-well plates) in little over an hour, with the presentation of a direct output of IgG titer results
  • Use of magnetic bead-based technology in combination with automated Biomek workstations allows for fast and efficient sample preparation for CE-LIF based N-glycosylation analysis of therapeutic antibodies; this innovative workflow enables glycoprotein sample preparation in under 4 hours, eliminating the need for centrifugation or vacuum centrifugation steps

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Echo Acoustic Liquid Handlers

Automated tip-less and contact-free liquid handling

  • Enables assay miniaturization through precise nanoliter-scale transfers
  • The Echo liquid handler enables protein crystal formation with sitting drop volumes as small as 50 nL; miniaturization reduces protein and reagent consumption in crystallization trials
  • Dynamic Fluid Analysis allows transfer of proteins and essentially all sparse matrix screens using a single fluid class setting, which eliminates the need for multiple settings or frequent calibrations
  • Transfer of samples from any well of a source to any destination further minimizes sample consumption and simplifies proteomic assay setup and execution
  • Reduces dependency on single-use plastic pipette tips, which helps minimize carbon footprint
  • Echo-enabled CFPE (Cell-Free Protein Expression) improves efficiency for expression screening, labeling, NMR, crystallization, mutagenesis, and screening enzymes

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Transform your liquid handlers into advanced proteomics workflow solutions by seamlessly integrating the devices you need; our experts have integrated 300+ different third-party devices from over 60 manufacturers.

Our state-of-the-art multi-device robotic systems are specifically engineered to enhance your lab's throughput, accuracy and scalability.

From simple to complex workflows, optimize your data quality and user experience with the integration of single-purpose devices (or workflow steps) including:

Barcode readers • Microplate centrifuges • Plate readers and imagers • Plate transport devices • Plate washers • Positive Pressure ALPs • Capillary Electrophoresis • Sonication • Safety and biocontainment enclosures • Temperature-controlled storage • Tube handling/capping/decapping devices • Vacuum • Homogenization • Microplate Washing • Reagent dispensing • Sample weighing

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Use pipette tips from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for quality you can rely on.

Available in volume capacities from 0.5 μL to a full 1 mL, our pipette tips are certified to be free* from DNase/RNase/Protease, DNA (human and mouse), PCR inhibition, pyrogen, endotoxins, and trace-metals, and are made only from 100% premium-grade virgin polypropylene.

*below detectable levels

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